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Retain Top Talent
Hiring top talent is only the start. Now you have to work hard to keep your very best talent. Most companies stink at structured and systematic retention of their top performers. Discover how to prevent turnover and keep your best people.
Curated by Barry Deutsch
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At the Heart of Culture: Work That Matters

At the Heart of Culture: Work That Matters | Retain Top Talent |
To most of us, the phrase Work that Matters infers job satisfaction. Our intended outcome is a workplace culture characterized by lower stress, lower turnover, an
Barry Deutsch's insight:

A large part of employee engagement and satisfaction is work that matters - employees derive a high value from what they do. Do you look closely at these issues for all jobs - particularly those on the front line?

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Your Employees are Engaged...REALLY? - Forbes

Your Employees are Engaged...REALLY? - Forbes | Retain Top Talent |

"Recently, I dropped in on an innovative workspace for one of my software technology clients– it's a very cool office space. An open-plan, communal space with worktables in rows, very low partitions between areas, and no private offices."




"Here are my top 5 questions which help construct the WHYS of employee engagement for leaders.


1) Why am I here?

2) Why should I trust you leadership?

3) Why should I be loyal to your company?

4) Why don’t you communicate your company values?

5) Why aren’t you clear about the rewards of working in this company?"


Read the rest of this article by Meghan Biro. Important questions leaders should consider....

Via ThinDifference, David Hain
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