Retain Top Talent
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Retain Top Talent
Hiring top talent is only the start. Now you have to work hard to keep your very best talent. Most companies stink at structured and systematic retention of their top performers. Discover how to prevent turnover and keep your best people.
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How To Get the Most Out of Your New Hires From Day One

How To Get the Most Out of Your New Hires From Day One | Retain Top Talent |
Many companies struggle with designing the right programs to effectively orient employees to the many facets of their roles.


"Not integrating or on-boarding new employees can easily lead to lost productivity, poor performance, mixed results, and a hiring failure. The vast majority of companies stink at rigorous and systematic on-boarding of new employees - Barry"

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Scooped by Barry Deutsch!

Tips on how to show employee recognition - by Cody Hodge - Helium

Have your employees been doing a good job at work lately?

The blog author of this article talks to the importance of providing recognition to your employees. In our research over the last 25 years, we've seen a direct correlation between strong non-monetary reward and recognition systems and employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and employee motivation.

Do you have a structured and systematic non-monetary reward and recognition system?

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